Cinemascope-Wedding specialized in combining both aerial and ground level videography to give a Hollywood style to your cinematic wedding video.

Ιn recent years more and more couples add aerial scenes to their wedding-video especially for cinematic-wedding video. Aerial shooting is an impressive way of “coverage” for wedding cinematography, since enriches the content with frames that could not have been captured in terrestrial means, bringing a real element of “hollywood” cinematic production to any wedding movie.

We can fly a Custom made Octacopter with a 4K camera at your wedding to produce an amazing wedding video. All your guests will be surprised at the results.

Filming is weather dependant and we will carry out a full pre-site survey and risk assessment before taking your booking to ensure this sophisticated filming technique is possible at your wedding venue.

Cinemascope- Wedding can film Aerial wedding videos in Santorini, Mykonos, Halkidiki, Ibiza, London and everywhere else upon early request.

Wedding Videography with Drone



Expect the weddings we can use our equipment & experience for corporate use

  • Aerial Real Estate video & photo
  • Aerial Business shootings & promotion videos (Hotels, Restaurants etc)