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What are Destination Weddings?

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. They are perfect for couples who want something simpler and more funny usually away from the normal place they live. It can be something as simple as a drive over a mountain or a beach or a country away.
The most stressful part of a destination wedding is the organization of the bookings, the paperwork etc thats why a wedding planner can save time and money.

Stress is going to be present on your wedding day, regardless. However, if you would rather worry about getting a lime wedge for your beer instead of heading off a confrontation between your mother-in-law and her best frenemy, a destination wedding gives you the option. Also, once you choose a destination that alone is an excellent weeding-out tool. The moment you decide to get married out of town, those non-committal guests will become obsolete.

Couples love destination weddings because they can limit the cost to their needs. For the best savings, get married in a country that offers an all-inclusive resort. Paying a flat-fee for everything from the DJ to your cake topper is the smartest way to set a budget and stick to it. An all-inclusive resort is also more enticing for guests as well and can guarantee you have a few of your favorite people beachside while you tie the knot.

Destination weddings are completely customized, you can chooce the cereony, the party, the fireworks, where what ever you want. It depends on your budget what will you do..

Famous places in Greece are:

Destination wedding Santorini

Destination wedding Mykonos

Destination wedding Halkidiki

Destination wedding Kastelorizo